D1 General operating table


  • D1 electric operating table is a common type, which is a new product developed by absorbing more advanced technology at home and abroad. The main body is made of 304 stainless steel, which satisfies human physiology.It has five electric functions. , Electric left and right tilt, electric table top as a whole lift, this product has all the functions of a comprehensive operating table, at the same time it also has a translation function, the table can be greatly translated 400mm; and all the table tops are made of high-strength light-transmitting panels, which is very convenient for radiation Observation:
  • This operating table is suitable for orthopedics, gynecology, ophthalmology, ear, nose, throat, urology and other operations, and is the leading product in China today. The performance is good, and the whole bed conforms to ergonomics, which can conveniently adjust various positions required for cervical, lumbar, and spine surgery.
  • The driving mode of each part is realized by electric push rod, and the well-known brand motor system is adopted to ensure no noise after operation and eliminate the sound interference to the surgeon. The remote control panel adopts button operation and is equipped with foot brake, which is safe and reliable, and has high stability. Especially suitable for filming and C-arm use.
No Accessories name Qty Unit
1 Table body 1 set
2 Mattress 1 set
3 Anesthetic screen 1 set
4 Hand support 2 pcs
5 Leg support 2 pcs
6 Handle 2 pcs
7 Guarantee/warranty card 1 set
8 Operation manual 1 set