D3 II Electric operating table

Ultra-low bit design with dual control and dual operation

  • EM-D3II type electric operating table is an electric operating table with new height of quality and function, especially designed with DC 24 V safe voltage, double control, double operation is more suitable for medical personnel operation. Simple operation, strong versatility, wide application, material selection, fine process, quality up to the international level. Fully meet the general, heart, kidney, cardiopulmonary bypass, thyroid, head and neck, gallbladder and chest, urinary, rectal, gynecological, orthopedic, spinal and other surgical requirements.
  • use electric system control technology, no oil leakage phenomenon, stable operation, low failure rate, long service life; mainly composed of head plate, back plate, seat plate, waist bridge, leg plate, motor, hand controller, base, etc. The operating table can control all kinds of actions of the operating table through hand controller and side control board.
  • equipped with Japanese Panasonic batteries.
  • memory sponge mattress, balance the surface contact pressure of body weight, maintain the low pressure environment needed for soft tissue blood circulation, provide soft support and protect human body.
  • can pass through the X ray, can carry on the C type arm examination to the patient all parts of the body during the operation.
  • 304 stainless steel material, base cover anti-prick eye treatment, reduce eye fatigue of medical staff, convenient cleaning and disinfection.
  • the design of scientific base, there is a wide movable space for the C arm, and a movable space for the medical staff to ensure the balance and stability of all kinds of movements in the operation bed.

Safe voltage 24 V ● normal operation

No Accessories name Qty Unit
1 Table body 1 set
2 Mattress 1 set
3 Anesthetic screen 1 set
4 Hand support 2 pcs
5 Leg support 2 pcs
6 Handle 2 pcs
7 Guarantee/warranty card 1 set
8 Operation manual 1 set