D5 (Baby-friendly Gynecology)


This product is for the use of maternal delivery and gynecological surgery. The design of the bed is convenient for the medical staff to operate the main structure. It consists of the main bed and the auxiliary table. The auxiliary table is movable, flexible and easy to use. It can bring convenience for the gynecologist and obstetrician in the operation. The function of the main bed is operated by motor system. The other parts of the bed are operated by human, and the body position of the bed is handled. The new imported air spring is replaced with a variety of clinical medical accessories. It is a comprehensive multi-functional gynecological operating bed with simple operation, flexibility and reliability.

No Accessories name Qty Unit
1 Table body 1 set
2 Mattress 1 set
3 Anesthetic screen 1 set
4 Hand support 2 pcs
5 Leg support 2 pcs
6 Handle 2 pcs
7 Guarantee/warranty card 1 set
8 Operation manual 1 set