D5 Electric Operating Table


This product is a high-grade electric comprehensive delivery bed designed and developed with advanced technology at home and abroad. The base of the bed is molded by one-time injection moulding, which has the advantages of exquisite appearance, stable performance, low noise, easy cleaning and disinfection, etc. The bed provides obstetrics and gynecology departments and urology departments of medical units for obstetrics and gynecology departments to provide obstetrics and obstetrics. Necessary products such as delivery, gynecological examination, surgery, etc. The structure of the maternity bed assistant table is outward-going, easy to use, flexible and equipped with a retractable stainless steel dirt basin, which can prevent amniotic fluid spill during childbirth, and easy to use. It is the preferred product of gynecology and obstetrics and urology in major hospitals.

No Accessories name Qty Unit
1 Table body 1 set
2 Mattress 1 set
3 Anesthetic screen 1 set
4 Hand support 2 pcs
5 Leg support 2 pcs
6 Handle 2 pcs
7 Guarantee/warranty card 1 set
8 Operation manual 1 set