D2 Luxurious Electric Operating Table

Product Introduction

D2 is a luxurious electric operating table, which can be used in hospitals for head, neck, thoracic-abdominal, perineum, limbs and other surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, brain surgery. The table top can be divided into four sections, consisting of a head plate, a back plate, a hip plate and a leg plate. The leg plate can be both abducted and detached, and it is very convenient to adjust, which is very suitable for urological surgery.

The main body of the product is made of 304 stainless steel, and the base adopts a T-shaped design. The appearance is unique and the shape is novel. The driving mode of each part of the whole bed is realized by electric push rods, and the motor system of well-known brands is adopted. It can ensure that there is no noise after operation, and eliminate the sound interference to the surgeon. The remote control panel is button-operated, novel in shape, equipped with foot brakes, safe and reliable, and high stability.




Forward tilt


Fold down the leg plate






Leg plate abduction


The highest table top


Folding on the head plate


Lumbar rise


The minimum table top


Fold down the head plate


power supply


Left tilt


Fold on the back panel




Right tilt


Fold down the back panel





Medical standard 304 stainless steel frame

Lifting Bracket

Jiechang brand, weighing 250KG,lifting 100,000 + test

Memory Cotton Pad

Antibacterial and easy to clean,waterproof grade IP8

Control System

Remote controls with clear and simple operating logos

Kindey Bridge

Equipped with kindey bridge function,manual operated

Complete Accessories

one-stop provision:leg /arm /anesthesia support

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