D3 III Electro-hydraulic Operating Table

Product Introduction
Ultra-low design, dual control and dual operation
●D3 electric operating table is an electric operating table with a new level of quality and function. The main body of the product is made of 304 stainless steel, and the base is designed with a T-shaped design. The appearance is unique and the shape is novel. Dual control and dual operation are more suitable for medical personnel to operate. The product is easy to operate, has strong versatility, has a wide range of applications, selected materials, fine and excellent craftsmanship, and the quality has reached the international level. Fully meet the requirements of general surgery, heart, kidney, cardiopulmonary bypass, thyroid, head and neck, gallbladder and thoracic cavity, urology, rectum, gynecology, orthopedics, spine and other surgical operations.
●Adopt electric system control technology, no oil leakage, stable operation, low failure rate and long service life; mainly composed of head plate, back plate, seat plate, waist bridge, leg plate, motor, hand controller, base and so on.
●The operating table can control various actions of the operating table through the hand controller and the side control panel. The hand control is provided with a misoperation lock switch.
●Configure Japan’s Panasonic battery. It can meet the needs of ≥50 operations and ensure that the operating bed works without AC power supply. The rechargeable battery requires no maintenance and maintenance and can be used for a long time. At the same time, it has the function of AC power supply to ensure maximum safety.
●Memory foam mattress, balance the contact pressure of the surface that bears the weight, maintain the low-pressure environment required for the blood circulation of the soft tissue, provide soft support, and protect the human body.
●Through X-rays, it is possible to perform C-arm inspections of various parts of the body during the operation. 
●304 stainless steel material, the base cover is anti-glare treatment, which reduces the eye fatigue of medical staff and facilitates cleaning and disinfection.
●Scientific base design, there is a wide space for the C-arm and G-arm, and there is room for the feet of the medical staff performing the operation, so as to ensure the balance and stability of various movements of the operating bed.
●The safe voltage is 24V under normal operation
●With electric translation function, stroke ≥350mm, can be used with C-arm and G-arm;
●It has the function of waist bridge, and the lift distance is ≥ 120mm, which can meet the needs of special surgery;
●The operating table is equipped with four universal wheel structures, which can move laterally and adjust 360-degree turn on the spot; the four-wheel independent mechanical pedal control brake system, and the locking mechanism ensures the absolute stability of the operating table.
●The brake adopts electric brake, one-button brake on the remote control, and four brake cylinders are locked at the same time, which is safe and stable.


◎Electric brake function, which can firmly fix the bed.

◎Electric waist bridge, the height can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the operation.

◎One-key reset function, one-key buckling and anti-buckling function, and reverse body position key function; the bed body can be reset automatically at any position;

◎The head plate and leg plate interchange function, two-way operation position design;

◎Hand control and side control board, the dual-controller operating system runs independently, ensuring the reliable operation of the operating table.

◎Equipped with a battery function, it can operate normally without external power supply to meet the emergency needs of surgery.

Accessories: one pair of shoulder support frame, support frame, hand support plate, leg support frame, and one anesthesia screen frame.

Optional: imported high-strength reinforced carbon fiber panel; multi-functional head frame and multi-functional orthopedic traction frame;Head gel pad;Patient restraint strap.




Forward tilt


Lower leg plate


Wide width

560 mm

Backward tilt


Leg plate outreaching


Top table

930 mm

Folding of head plate


Waist rise

100±10 mm

Minimum table

500 mm

Lower head plate


Table translation

350 mm

Left tilt


Backplane folded


Power supply

AC220±50 HZ

Right tilt


Back panel



1460×760×920 mm


Item No.




Arm support

1 set


Shoulder Support



Leg Support

1 set


Kidney Bridge



Column controller



Hand controller



Anaesthesia Screen support



Platform cushion

1 set


Power cord






Instruction Manual



Product warranty card




Medical standard 304 stainless steel frame

Lifting Bracket

Jiechang brand, weighing 250KG,lifting 100,000 + test

Memory Cotton Pad

Antibacterial and easy to clean,waterproof grade IP8

Control System

Double remote control system, with clear and simple logo

kindey bridge

Equipped with kindey bridge function, manual operated

Complete Accessories

one-stop provision:leg /arm /anesthesia support

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