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Manual Operating table Features

Operating tables are a type of medical equipment used in operating rooms, they are platforms, bases and leg frames made of durable materials such as stainless steel. Its main function is to provide a stable and adjustable working platform during the operation, so that the doctor can perform the operation.
Manual operating tables typically have multiple adjustable components, including head, back, hip, legs, and height, among others. These adjustable sections can be operated by hand or manually. In addition, manual operating tables are often equipped with removable wheels for movement in the operating room.
Manual operating tables can also be equipped with many other accessories, such as armrests to support the elbows, foot supports, various clamps and supports to suit the needs of the operation, etc. These auxiliary devices can be replaced according to the needs of specific procedures.

  • Stability
  • Adjustability
  • Sterilization
  • Applicability

Manual Delivery Table Model:

EM-3A/B Common Obstetric Table

EM-4B Gynecological Examination Table

2002-C Comprehensive Obstetric Table

Manual OT Table Model:

3001 side-operated Manual operating table

3008 side-operated Manual operating table

Electric Operating table Features

The electric operating table is an advanced medical equipment used in the operating room, its main function is to provide a stable and adjustable working platform for doctors to perform operations.
The electric operating table is usually made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, and the structure design is more compact and light, so it is more convenient to carry and move. Secondly, the electric operating table can realize automatic adjustment of various parts, such as head, back, buttocks, legs and height, etc., through the motor or hydraulic system. The adjustment of these parts can be completed through the remote control or touch screen, and the operation is simpler, faster and more precise.
In addition to adjustability, the electric operating table also offers high stability and safety. They usually adopt a double-column structure, equipped with electronic guards and a safety locking system to ensure stability and safety throughout the surgical procedure. At the same time, the electric operating table can also be equipped with a variety of auxiliary devices, such as armrests that support the elbows, foot supports, various clamps and support devices that meet the needs of the operation, etc.

  • Adjustability
  • Stability
  • Multifunctionality
  • Reliability

Electric Delivery Table Model:

D4 Gynecological Enterprising Operating Table

D4 Gynecological General Operating Table

D5 (Baby-friendly Gynecology)

D5 Electric Operating Table

D6 Electric Operating Table (Gynecological Examination Type)

D6 Electric Operating Table (Semi-Electric Gynecology)

Electric OT Table Model:

D1 Common Type Electric Operating Table

D1 Luxurious Electric Operating Table

D2 General Type Electric Operating Table

D2 Luxurious Electric Operating Table

D3 I Electric Operating Table

D3 II Electric Operating Table

D3 III Electro-hydraulic Operating Table

Electric Operating Table Electric Ophthalmology

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